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Theme Weeks

We enrich our curriculum through Theme Weeks and Focus Days.


To enable full curriculum coverage in a thorough way, certain subjects have been allocated ‘blocked time’.


History and Geography are taught for half an academic year each with the skills and core knowledge being enhanced with ENHANCED PROVISION AREAS.


Technology Weeks


Technology is taught for 1 full week on a termly basis as below:


TermThemeRelevant Skills
AutumnStructures and mechanismsProblem solving and application of number
SpringMaterials: JoinsPhysical Agility and Improving Own Learning and Performance
SummerFood preparationProblem Solving and Application of Number


A few days before the Theme Week ‘lead in’ preparation sessions are held, when children design their product.

The week is spent making the product.  A variety of creative and practical activities are used.  A few days after the week, the product is evaluated.

Technical core knowledge around the theme, is displayed for the full term.


Focus Days


A 'New Skills' day is held annually when children are given opportunities to fulfil aspects of the Student Exit Profile, for example; beginning a hobby or playing board games




All classes have a Peace and Harmony session each term.  This session is a combination of;
Circle time – to discuss a relevant topic,
Philosophy – to ask and discuss important and thought-provoking questions, and
Relax Kids – practising relaxation and wellbeing skills. 
Classes also use their '10 Minutes a Day' sessions to address PSHCE issues.

All classes participate in focus days/weeks such as Health and Safety Week and Aspirations Day.




All classes are allocated 2 half days per half term to cover a total of 6 units throughout the year. 
E-safety is revisited every term and includes focussed assemblies. 
The curriculum is a combination of theory and practical work – ‘plugged’ and ‘unplugged’.