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To access the government's Schools Financial Benchmarking Information, please use this link:

Evelyn Community Primary School - Schools Financial Benchmarking - GOV.UK (



The government has announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up. This includes a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time.


The funding received by Evelyn C.P. SCHOOL is £18,960 over 3 termly payments

School will use this funding for specific activities to support our pupils to catch up for lost teaching and learning over the previous months, in line with the guidance on curriculum expectations for the next academic year. Schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.


The Governing Body have approved the following plan for spending and will monitor the impact and effectiveness of the measures implemented throughout the course of the year using a range of strategies: Head Teacher Report; Subject Leader Reports; summary of analysis of pupil standards; outcomes from formative assessment methods; summary analysis of any end of year summative assessment.

The priorities have been formulated from HOTSPOTS identified from FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT and OUTCOMES OF OCTOBER 2020 SUMMATIVE TEST DATA ANALYSIS.


  • Teacher to support Ladybirds and Butterflies children with PHONICS for 1 day per week
  • HLTA to support Robins and Owls children with Intensive support in WRITING for 1 day per week
  • Teacher to support Y3 and Y4 classes with Intensive Support in WRITING for 1 day per week.
  • Teacher to support Y5 and Y6 classes with Intensive support in WRITING for 1 day per week.




Sports Premium Funding 20/21


For Evelyn CP School, this amounted to £18,010 for 2019/20.  This is being used for the following;


1.  Salary for Sports Apprentice.

2.  Purchase of resources for P.E. lessons, recreation times and after school clubs.

3.  A range of lunchtime clubs to stimulate the interest of all pupils.

4.  Trophies and medals to support competitive sports.

5.  Introduction of a Sports Crew and weekly Sports Challenge.

6.  Planned and systematic CPD for teaching and non-teaching staff, tailored to suit individual        needs.  Monitoring impact of CPD to ensure a lasting legacy of consistency at least ‘good’ teaching of P.E.

7.  Promotion of the health and well being of individual pupils through close work with parents and local health agencies. 

8. P.E. café for parents to provide them with information about how they can continue to support positive healthy lifestyles at home and how they can engage their children in simple physical activities and skills.  Equipment can be borrowed from the ‘café’ to make this happen.  

9.   Establishment of after school clubs with a focus on positive and healthy lifestyle

10. Transport to swimming lessons.  Providing literature to inform parents of the importance of swimming and supporting their children to learn how to swim. 

11. Extra curricular competitive sport in a wide range of activities.  Inter and intra school clubs and competitions. 

12. Enabling ‘more able’ pupils to achieve high standards in P.E. and sport.

13. Identifying ‘non participants’ in extra curriculum sport and provide activities to encourage their immediate and longer term participation in sport and physical activities. 

14. Monitoring of P.E. teaching to ensure that teaching is consistently at least ‘good’.

15. Forming links with a wider range of external sports clubs and the local secondary school.

16. Purchase of football kits, track suits, Sports Crew uniform, spare P.E. kits and athletics tops. 

17. Highlight P.E. and sports as part of bi-ennial health and safety week.

18. Use of high quality coaches to support the extension of sporting opportunities.

19. Training of Lunchtime Organisers to support active lunchtimes, encouraging fair play and competition for all. 

20. Providing literature for parents, re: the importance of P.E. and purchasing a P.E. kit to wear in P.E. lessons. 

21. Providing P.E. kits for those children who forget them, to ensure full access to the curriculum.

22. Hall of Fame wall kept up to date.

23. SLA with the L.A. to extend sports opportunities in terms of teacher training and competition opportunity.  

Use of Pupil Premium Funding

You can download the Pupil Premium Allocation report for 2019-2020 below.