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Evelyn University

What is the Evelyn University?

Evelyn University is an opportunity to take part in new learning experiences outside the classroom.

You will be able to meet with a variety of inspirational adults in a safe after-school club context. You can experience fun and enjoyable activities such as Fencing, Drama, Orchestra and Dance.


How can I take part?

By committing to regularly attend any after-school club, you will receive a passport which gets stamped by the Club Leader.

Registers are also kept in school and will be used to monitor who has achieved the relevant number of points needed to graduate.


How can I graduate?

By taking part in Evelyn University, you will become confident in school, will gain independence and develop a wide range of interests.

By gaining points in your Evelyn University Passport, you may collect enough points to ‘graduate’.

i.e. Bronze Award – 30 hours

Silver Award – 60 hours

Gold Award – 90 hours

Platinum – 120 hours


An Awards Ceremony is held every July to celebrate Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of participation. You could attend this ceremony with your family and wear a traditional cap and gown.