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Geography at Evelyn CP School




Our aim is for every pupil at Evelyn Primary to exit the school with a secure understanding of the world they live in. To know where they live; the local area and the country they belong to. They will learn about places located within the seven continents and gain knowledge of the oceans and seas in the world. They will identify the waters they cross, in order to travel afar. Opportunities will be planned for pupils to recognise some of the human and physical features around the world. This will be established through the study of the local environment and the wider world. 

All pupils will know the importance of respecting the environment they live in and that of other places in the country/world they visit. In addition, respect the culture and religion of others.

Through the study of geography, pupils will develop curricular links, for example, presenting and interpreting information on a graph. Also, non-chronological report writing about the places and locations they study. They will develop an independent, resourceful and resilient approach to their learning. In addition, strive to develop a growth mind set, to enable them to take on the challenges within their study. In each mile stone of learning we want pupils to develop a lifelong curiosity about the world around them, using their gained geographical knowledge and skills.

Enhanced provision areas will provide pupils with opportunities to independently develop geographical skills and knowledge. This will be accessed both, in and outside of the timetabled geography lesson. Enhanced provision provides pupils with the opportunity to engage in geographical learning at their own pace. Evelyn’s Geography ambassador provides additional, quality experiences for pupils, for example; field work, cultural and map based activities.  


Early Years pupils should gain their first experiences of geography under the area of ‘Understanding the World,’ taken from The Development Matters document. They will be encouraged to observe their surroundings; think about where they live and what they see on their way to school. These experiences should ignite curiosity and an awareness of the world they live in.   



Matrices demonstrating geographical knowledge and skills are used, to demonstrate and ensure coverage. These are also used to support judgements on pupil progress.

Key vocabulary is displayed, modelled, researched and explored. A skills wheel for each mile stone is displayed. Whilst on task, pupils are able to identify the skill they are developing. Geography is taught through investigation and enquiry, encouraging pupils to be 'geographers' and looking at the world through the eye of a geographer.

Enhanced provision will support learning and the development of skills and knowledge. Pupils will experience rich, engaging and stimulating tasks. They will develop an independent and resourceful approach to learning and will learn to collaboratively to answer how, where and why questions. 

Software is used for research and presenting information. Google earth and digi maps enable pupils to widen their experience and apply their skills. Text books, maps, atlases and globes provide pupils with a wide choice for research.



The National Curriculum demonstrates key objectives. These have been broken down across each mile stone, to ensure that key skills and knowledge are taught. Progression has been assured.


Pupil interviews take place in all classes, to identify pupil knowledge, skills and enjoyment of the subject. Through discussion and demonstration of their recordings, pupils are able to showcase learning that’s taken place. Teachers provide their judgement on pupil progress. This is recorded and analysed, in order to feed into future planning.




‘A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity
and fascination about the world and its people
that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.’ 

DFE 2013