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We are committed to promoting a love of 'Reading for pleasure' to enable our children to become life long readers.


We have a well stocked, up-to-date library, as well as individual class libraries/reading areas outside each classroom and ‘reading stops’ in the playground.


At present we are using our Magical Castle for reading activities with the Reading Ambassador.
We are eager to replace our wonderful Emerald City, which lasted many years on the playground and was a truly exciting place to read! 

We use a variety of reading schemes which ensure the children have access to a wide range of text, both fiction and non-fiction and poetry. We also subscribe to to monthly children’s magazines which all our children enjoy.


Some useful links for parents to help support your child’s reading.




  Words for Life | National Literacy Trust | Words for Life


A Message from our Reading Ambassador


I am delighted to be in such an important and unique role of 'Reading Ambassador' for the school.


Reading is an essential life skill – we all need to read every day in so many different places; from reading food labels in the supermarket to reading signs on the road, and from reading birthday cards to websites.


Reading increases vocabulary, improves confidence and is a wonderful way to increase general knowledge. Once the skill has been learnt you can use it for your enjoyment and escape. That’s why it is so important to get children to read regularly and confidently as soon as possible.


There is nothing more enjoyable than picking up a book or magazine and reading for pleasure. I encourage adults as well as children to take some time and have a read.


I am looking forward to reading with children right across the school, recommending books and sharing stories.


Mrs Murray

Our Reading Scheme


At Evelyn CP School we are committed to ensuring that EVERY child becomes a reader. In Key Stage 1, children’s phonic knowledge and reading comprehension skills are developed through a reading scheme. Read Write Inc. is designed to progressively build on children’s vocabulary and foster a love of reading.


On completion of Read Write Inc. children will move onto the Treetop scheme. This scheme continues to promote rich vocabulary through engaging and relevant texts.


Within Key Stage 2 children will continue to develop their reading fluency and comprehension. The final phase of the scheme is the ‘free reader range’. These texts promote independent choice, classic and modern literature.


For those pupils who don’t progress through the scheme at the expected rate, a reading intervention programme will be implemented – Project X Code.

Information about reading and promoting reading for pleasure at home

Not sure what books to buy? The Book Trust have produced a guide for recommended reading at all ages.