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School Council

Out Student Council are known as the 'The Wise Owls' and they have been assigned with roles: Head Owls, Deputy Owls, Technology Owls, Treasurer Owls, Creative Owls and Secretary Owls.


They have also been very busy meeting the Leadership Team, the School Governors and presenting their vision to the staff and children. They were very confident and spoke passionately about their vision for the school. 


The Wise Owls have been working very hard during their recent meetings. They have spoken to children around the school and collated all of their views, to produce their ‘Wise Owl Vision’.


Their vision is split into 4 categories: Health and Well Being, Enhancing the Curriculum, Improving the Outdoor Environment and Eco Awareness. 


Some of the key areas from each category that the children are working on already are:


Health and Well Being: Setting up a healthy tuck shop selling fruit, snack bars and drinks. Starting a monthly toy shop, where children can spend their pocket money on small toys and treats.


Enhancing the Curriculum: Sending information home earlier so parents are prepared for events that the school council are running. Starting a games club where children can stay after school and play board games.


Improving the Outdoor Environment: Mixed playground days where children can choose which playground they play on. Buying new litter bins to replace the existing ones. Fundraising to repaint the games on both playgrounds.


Eco Awareness: Reducing the use of plastic bottles and baby wipes across the school. Encouraging everyone to not waste electricity and to reduce the numer of children travelling to school by car.


As part of a day run by Prescot Town Council, the Head Owls, Lois and Charlie, spoke at length with the Mayor of Prescot about her role and came away with ideas for running their own meetings.

Congratulations to our new Wise Owls. They have been elected to represent their classes from 2019-2020.


We look forward to hearing all about their new initiatives.


Year 2
Neveah Majid
Mollie Ryan


Year 3
Jack Rigby
Freya Harrison


Year 4
Paije Donoghue
Will Muldoon


Year 5
Jack Dean
Ruby Hughes


Year 6
Charlie Jones
Lois Atkinson