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Keys to Happiness

At Evelyn CP School we aim to prepare our children for life in a demanding and ever-changing society. We provide opportunities for them to learn about, discuss and practise ‘life skills’ that will we believe will be invaluable.


There is lots of research and information available relating to leading a happy and fulfilled life. Our Keys To Happiness have been selected based on some of this research. They compliment work we do throughout the school; in our Peace and Harmony sessions, PSHE curriculum, assemblies and through our Values for Living.


We have assigned each class with a ‘Key to Happiness’. We hope parents and carers will be interested in the research and information provided, and will support us by engaging in some of the questions and activities with their children.

If these attitudes and skills are to be effective it is important they are introduced at an early age and developed over time. In this way they will become ‘second nature’.


Ladybirds Happiness




Robins Kindness


Owls Creativity


Year 3 Gratitude


Year 4 Mindfulness


Year 5 Forgiveness


Year 6 Empathy

Please see your class teacher if you would like further information.