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Prescot Loves To Talk

Prescot Loves to Talk is a concept created by Evelyn CP School who then chatted to I CAN children’s communication charity who then chatted to Knowsley Council.


We want to encourage chat and communication at every opportunity in Prescot.
We want to make Prescot the place where talk is everywhere, where everyone chats.


How can you get involved?


  • The next time you are in Eccleston Street, have a look for the ‘Prescot Loves to Talk’ stickers in shop windows. These shops and businesses are helping us spread the message of the importance of talk. Perhaps pop in and say hello!
  • Make time for speaking and listening in your own family – talking helps with relationships and builds bonds with others
  • Try our ‘Talk Cards’, have a ‘word of the day’ or play word puzzles to increase your own vocabulary – Be an enthusiastic talker and an even better listener. Do you know anyone who seems lonely and would enjoy a good chat?