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The Fantastic Five

Our FANTASTIC FIVE characters display different attitudes to learning.
Our children are encouraged to reflect on the type of learner they are and to work on different attributes.



OPTISTAR is resilient and wears a star badge


Optistar is optimistic, determined, never gives up and has self-belief



SHIMMER is reflective and has a mirror


Shimmer  is mindful, calm, self-aware, thoughtful and empathic


MOTIVAR is a risk taker and holds a shield


Motivar is spontaneous, brave, confident, motivated and daring


SORCERINE is resourceful and carries a wand


Sorcerine is well-prepared, proactive, independent, creative
and adaptable


UNITOR can remember and keeps a pot of knowledge


Unitor is knowledgeable, logical, organised, an active listener
with a good memory