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Local History Day 2021

Still image for this video
On the 29th April 2021 we celebrated Local History Day. Here is the video which all classes watched to start the day. Each class learned about what life was like in Prescot during a certain time period and then made something to go in a time capsule to show life in 2021.

Through learning about the past, children will be encouraged to train the mind in a disciplined way, through the use of knowledge, application, analysis and judgement – leading to a greater understanding of the past and present.


We aim in History to develop the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of features of past societies, with particular reference to similarity and difference, change and continuity.

Through learning about their own and other cultures, our children will be given a sense of self respect for themselves and others.


History will inform pupils of the customs and beliefs of the society in which they live. We aim to develop a knowledge of chronology, with which the children can organize their understanding of the past. We encourage children to compare and contrast different periods in history through a particular theme eg. warfare, slavery and culture.


We aim to help children to distinguish between historical facts and the interpretation of those facts.

The use of history enhanced provision areas further extend the children’s understanding of various historical periods.


At Evelyn CP School, children have access to a wide range of sources of evidence and are encouraged to apply the skills of the historian in order to question evidence provided by artefacts, pictures and sources such as books and video.


We aim to provide many different experiences for the children to extend their knowledge and opinions. As well as school-based resources we encourage every class to visit museums or galleries. We also invite outside speakers, which include the Archaeology department at Liverpool University, and drama companies.