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Experts in Residence

Maths Champion


Mr Eyres is our Maths Champion and works with children around the school to promote maths.


"Maths Mondays’ are back! Commencing this term with Mr Eyres, the focus will again be on learning times-tables.


Children will be encouraged to develop their knowledge of times-tables through different strategies, including: games, bingo, small ‘bite’ learning and rote learning with encouragement along the way to earn maths stickers!


We encourage all our children to practise their times-tables at home; they are integral to many areas of maths and will help increase your child’s confidence in class. Please spend time supporting your child when practising at home. We are always appreciative of your help."

Mr Eyres


Reading Ambassador


Mrs Murray is our Reading Ambassador. She works with children across the school to teach reading strategies, promote a lifelong love of reading and she oversees the running of the school library.
For more information, please go to the Reading section of the website.


'I am delighted to be in such an important and unique role of 'Reading Ambassador' for the school.

Reading is an essential life skill – we all need to read every day in so many different places; from reading food labels in the supermarket to reading signs on the road, and from reading birthday cards to websites.

Reading increases vocabulary, improves confidence and is a wonderful way to increase general knowledge. Once the skill has been learnt you can use it for your enjoyment and escape. That’s why it is so important to get children to read regularly and confidently as soon as possible.

There is nothing more enjoyable than picking up a book or magazine and reading for pleasure. I encourage adults as well as children to take some time and have a read.

I am looking forward to reading with children right across the school, recommending books and sharing stories'.

Mrs Murray