Evelyn CommunityPrimary School

‘Inspiring minds, nurturing dreams, learning for life’

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History of the School

Evelyn Community Primary School first opened its gates on 4th September 1973. In total, there were 83 pupils on roll. The pupils’ ages ranged from 5 to 10 years old. There was only one Year 4 pupil on roll and 2 pupils aged 10. In addition, there were only three teachers appointed, all of whom were newly qualified.


The headteacher of Evelyn when it opened its gates for the first time, was Mrs Bamforth.

Following on from Mrs Bamforth’s headship was Mrs Clayton, who remained headteacher until 1997.
Mrs Arnold became headteacher of Evelyn in 1997 and retired in May 2021.

That brings us to the present date. Miss Macleod is now the Headteacher.


There have been 7 deputy headteachers since the school opened in 1973 – Mr Malcolm Thomas, Mrs Royle Smith/Goddard, Mrs Arnold, Miss Hill, Mrs Campbell, Miss Macleod and our current deputy headteacher, Mrs Brophy.


Some of the earliest school records, documented in a series of log books, provide valuable information about the school’s history.


The first children’s club was held on Wednesday 17th October 1973 between 5pm and 6.30pm. Parents, relatives and friends were asked not to attend, in order for the infant children to feel comfortable and happy.


Over 50 parents attended the first Parents’ Association meeting, which was documented as a fabulous turnout, as there were only 80 children on roll.


School meals were priced at 40p a day – £2.00 per week.

Year 6 children have researched what it was like in 1973, back in the olden days when the school opened.


in 1973, the average price of a house was £9,942. Today the average house price would set you back £242, 415.


In the 1970s, less than half the population owned or had use of a car. Therefore, most children would have walked to the school, to the shops and had to use public transport to get anywhere further than was possible to walk.


Only one television channel, the BBC, aired children’s programmes during the day, and for a limited time. Favourite programmes included – Jackanory, Swap Shop, The Basil Brush Show, Bagpuss, The Flumps and the Rod Hull and Emu show.


Here is a selection of some of the popular music in 1973 – ABBA, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ELO and Wings.


The fashion was very bold in the 1970s, with flares, tank tops, big collars and big hair!

Around the world, lots of exciting things were happening. The Sydney Opera House, which is now a famous landmark, opened, The Sears Tower in Chicago also opened and the first US space station was launched. Elvis Presley’s ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ television special was aired and watched by more than 1 billion viewers worldwide. Thats more than the X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing put together.


When the school first opened in 1973, the world was a different place. However, the expectations, dedication and commitment from all stakeholders in the school remain the same. We want to make sure that our school remains a place we are all exceptionally proud of.