Sports Funding


For Evelyn CP School, this amounted to £9,200 for 2015/16.

This is being used for the following:

  1. Appointment of a Sports Apprentice – a young person with Sports experience and skills to work in school all day to support P.E. lessons, also to lead activities at lunchtimes and to lead after school clubs.

Her job description is as follows;

  • To work alongside P.E. subject leader to assist in the delivery of high quality physical education
  • To maintain and assist in the purchase of equipment including indoor and outdoor learning
  • To assist in the running of competitions both inter and intra schools clubs
  • To established after school clubs which focus on participation and healthy lifestyles
  • To facilitate active lunchtimes encouraging fair play and competition for all
  • To maintain links and networks to other schools and clubs within the locality
  • Responsible for the running of fitness focus groups
  • Overseeing Sports Crew and weekly sports challenge
  • Enabling more pupils to achieve high standards in P.E. and sport
  • Accompanying pupils to swimming lessons
  • Support school in our biennial Health and Safety week
  • Identifying ‘non participants’ in extra curriculum sport and provide activities to encourage their immediate and longer term participation in sport and physical activities.
  • Promotion of the health and well being of individual pupils through close work with parent and local health agencies.  ‘P.E.’ café for parents to provide them with information about how they can continue to support positive healthy lifestyles at home and how they can engage their children in simple physical activities and skills.  Equipment can be borrowed from the ‘café’ to make this happen
  • Keep ‘Hall of Fame’ wall in hall, up to date
  • Contribute to Travel Plan Group – keep record of children who walk to school
  • Ensure ‘Lunchtime Award’ sheets are completed every day, to enable winners names to be given out at end of each half term

2. Payment of a Service Level Agreement with the Local Authority.  This provides teacher training and inter-school competition opportunities for the children.

3. Purchase of resources for P.E. lessons, after school clubs and lunchtimes.


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