Welcome Parents

We have recently set up a ‘Learning Zone’ video channel on Youtube. This channel will eventually allow Parents and children to watch videos of strategies on how to carry out Maths calculations, use of correct English grammar and punctuation and much more!

You can find the Learning Zone here

If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see, get in touch with your class Teacher or the School office.



Language Development

The aim of the language development programme is to develop children’s early language and communication skills. Language development underpins social and cognitive development and is connected with thinking, working memory and perception. Language development greatly affects how children relate to adults and their peers and is proven to be most effective when children sing songs or rhymes.

Please use the links below to find suitable songs that you can practise at home with your children.


30 Hour Extended Nursery Offer

Our school will provide this offer, if required, through an availability of 15 hours in our school setting, and up to 15 hours with a member of our Childminder network.

There is a booklet available from the school containing full details regarding members of this network.

Mrs Brophy, our Foundation Stage Manager, holds regular meetings with this group to ensure continuity with teaching, learning and assessment.


Job Centre Link

This link will take you to Job Centre, employment and benefits information.


Parental Involvement Booklet

You can find the Parental Involvement Booklet here

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