School Council

Congratulations to our new Wise Owls. They have been elected to represent their classes from 2019-2020.

We look forward to hearing all about their new initiatives.


Year 2
Neveah Majid
Mollie Ryan

Year 3
Jack Rigby
Freya Harrison

Year 4
Paije Donoghue
Will Muldoon

Year 5
Jack Dean
Ruby Hughes

Year 6
Charlie Jones
Lois Atkinson



Here is some of the work completed by our past School Council: 

Mastery by Sam McCoy and Joshua Eccleston

‘To develop mastery of a subject’

Mastery poster

 Next Steps:

– Opportunities to practise in class and after school
– Older children work with younger (e.g. timetable crew)
– Displays outside
– Time
– Tutoring
– Speak to the teacher
– Speak to Mrs Arnold
– Website used
– Assembly on subjects
– Mrs Arnold’s challenge


Homework by Campbell Garnett, Emme Murphy and Stephen Dowding

‘To improve homework across the school’

Homework poster

Next Steps:

–  Golden time for whole class doing their homework
– Resource pack for everyone to take home
– Charts for all classes
– Different types of homework (e.g. art, history, sports, gardening. Children to take photographs of completed task)
– Homework on ipad. Use school website
– Colouring in as a reward for homework
– Guidance and rewards for parents to share
– Parents to help
– ‘Parent’s Challenge’ to work with child
– Task book in homework with a selection of ideas. Children to choose, parents must ‘sign off’ task


Attendance by Tahlia Culkin, Jess Evans and Mia Hawkins

‘To improve attendance across the school’


Attendance poster


Next Steps:

– Speak to the office. How many people are there?
– Find out why people are off (is it particular subjects?)
– What is your favourite lesson? Create a cohort
– What is your least favourite lesson?
– Look at the data and report to Leadership Team or governors
– Create a support ‘buddy system’ with good attenders helping weak/poor attenders
– Treat for children who have attendance of 96% or more all year round


Behaviour by Ellie Morris, Sooki Murphy and Sean O’Kane

‘How to win the Gold Behaviour Award’
Behaviour poster

Next Steps:

– Find out how many children have won it
– Create a survey for children who haven’t won it
– Do the survey
– Look at the results of the survey
– Talk to teachers
– Speak to Mrs McCleary
– Present results to the governors and Leadership Team

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