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‘Radio Evelyn – the best children’s station for all your news and views’

Every fortnight, school work stops to listen to the latest edition of Radio Evelyn. Our programmes vary according to the age of the children, their reading ability and the number of features included that week.

Earlier in the week we plan and prepare for the programme. We have found a group of between 6 and 10 children to be the most suitable to take part each week. A team of reporters is sent around the classes to collect school news or to do research and interviews. Teachers are aware of this weekly session and are always willing to help with the news-gathering.

The first Radio Evelyn of the new school term is brought to us by Year 6. Listen in below:

Year 6 Radio Evelyn Broadcast, September 2016


Year 4 Radio Evelyn Broadcast, October 2016

James, Emme, Beth, Andrew, Trudi, Poppy, Andreas and Ronnie bring you this weeks Radio Evelyn from Year 4 where they discuss growth mindsets!

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