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Try the Head Teacher Challenge!

Every term, our school has a creative challenge for children (and their families) to enter if they so wish.

Past challenges have included –

  • Design and make a scarecrow
  • Produce a re-useable bag
  • Inventions
  • Commemorating the birth of William Shakespeare
  • Creating items for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  • Rainbow Giants

I am always delighted with the exciting entries which I receive.  It is really lovely when family members get included too!

Anyone who enters receives a certificate and there are great prizes to be won too.


Join Our Skills Bank

At Evelyn C.P. School we appreciate that families lead busy lives yet may wish to get more involved with the school.
We invite parents AND grandparents to register a skill or other talent with our Skills Bank.

All we are asking for is the offer to provide up to one hour of your time!!!

What skills are we looking for?

  • These could relate to your line of work – the school would benefit from occasional advice
  • We are not just looking for work-related skills. You may well possess other hidden talents! Do you have a hobby or interest you could share?
  • If you could advise or provide guidance on social, sporting or other activities within the school, these too would be much appreciated. Perhaps the company you work for provides community grants that might be relevant to a school project
  • Even offers of time for any general volunteering would be very welcome

Please see your child’s teacher or call in at the office if you would like more information.


‘Inspire’ Afternoons

This project aims to involve all families in joint activities with the school.
We have used the sessions to raise the profile of Foundation Subjects and Creativity. It is an opportunity for parents/carers to spend quality time with their child in school.
The teacher provides fun, practical and interactive activities for everyone to participate in.

You will be invited to an Inspire session on one Friday afternoon during the academic year. Please ask your child’s teacher if you require further information.


Prescot Loves To Talk!

Prescot Loves to Talk is a concept created by Evelyn CP School who then chatted to I CAN children’s
communication charity who then chatted to Knowsley Council.

We want to encourage chat and communication at every opportunity in Prescot.
We want to make Prescot the place where talk is everywhere, where everyone chats.

How can you get involved?

  • The next time you rare in Eccleston Street, have a look for the ‘Prescot Loves to Talk’ stickers in shop windows. These shops and businesses are helping us spread the message of the importance of talk. Perhaps pop in and say hello!
  • Make time for speaking and listening in your own family – talking helps with relationships and builds bonds with others
  • Try our ‘Talk Cards’, have a ‘word of the day’ or play word puzzles to increase your own vocabulary – Be an enthusiastic talker and an even better listener. Do you know anyone who seems lonely and would enjoy a good chat?




Give school attendance 100%

Knowsley Council has launched its school attendance campaign. The campaign encourages pupils to have 100% school attendance and highlights the fact that there are no excuses for absence from school.

The council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services, Councillor Gary See, is committed to improving the quality of education throughout the borough and believes the importance of regular attendance cannot be overestimated when ensuring that all young people have the best opportunities for accessing education, employment or training.

If children have good attendance levels, they are likely to achieve better exam results. Research shows that even a few days missed from school can mean a drop of a GCSE grade across all subjects. Good attendance also shows potential employers that a student is reliable, which may help improve their chances of getting a better job in the future. Our message is simple – give school attendance 100%.

Parents and carers have a responsibility for making sure their child goes to school regularly and doesn’t miss out on their education. In addition, Head Teachers will not authorise requests for days off in term-time, other than in exceptional circumstances, which do not include holidays, birthdays or visiting relatives.


The council regularly monitors the school attendance of pupils and will work with the pupil, their parent or carer and the school to address any attendance issues at an early stage. For further information, tips and advice on how to improve your child’s attendance, contact the School Inclusion Team on 0151 443 5147. In addition, an advice to parents leaflet can be downloaded from the council’s website –



The following children achieved 100% attendance from Sept 2017-July 2018.

Matilda Platt

Dylan Bell

Taylor Stuart

Ted Jones

Summer Siakankay

Finn O’Brien

Tim Ellis

Harry Embleton

Lucie Morris

Amelia Peloe

Ruben Stone

Jessica Flood

Hollie Ryder

Mason Wilson

Jack Dean

Feria Yates

Matthew Rawlinson Lynch

Georgie Wilson

Ruby Probert

Josh Hessey

Aiden Ellis

Ellie Morris

Skye Singleton Fletcher

Jack Filipe

Kyran Frith

Lucas Marsden

Grace Pickett

Mia Bell

Beth O’Brien

Charlie Goldsmith

Caitlin McKenna Beaumont



There are many different ways in which we reward effort, behaviour and achievement. Here are some examples:

Verbal praise
Class reward charts
Lunchtime Award

Merit badge
Star Reader

Lead Learner
Gold Behaviour

Most consistent Achiever
Good Conduct
Subject-specific awards

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