Gold Behaviour Award

Gold Behaviour Award


Rewards and Sanctions

‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and ability to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures and the environment.’

United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child

At Evelyn CP School, we ensure a positive, aspirational ethos pervades at all times. We are committed to high standards of conduct from all our community. To this end, all stakeholders have developed and agreed a comprehensive behaviour policy (available from the school). Key drivers for this are a ‘Praise and Reward System’ and a ‘Sanctions Ladder’, which are detailed in this policy.


Praise and Rewards

  • Class awards
  • Verbal praise from an adult
  • Praise postcard
  • A Radio Evelyn prize
  • Headteacher sticker
  • Applause
  • Verbal praise from a friend
  • School pen
  • Standing up in assembly
  • Gesures, eg. smiles
  • Badges
  • Medals and cups
  • Positive comments in school books
  • Certificates and prizes
  • Lead Learner sash
  • Student of the Week award


Sanctions Ladder

  • Reminders: eye contact, facial expression, gestures
  • Verbal warning
  • Reflection – Time Out
  • Pay Back Time (break/lunch/reduced golden time), completion of Behaviour Reflection Sheet
  • Class teacher speaks to parent. Home/school contract given out as a reminder of partnership
  • Pupil is sent to headteacher for repeated misbehaviour, or at initial stage if misbehaviour is serious
  • Headteacher sends letter home to parent
  • Parent invited to meeting with headteacher to decide on action plan
  • Pupil on daily report to headteacher
  • Governors informed of misbehaviour
  • Final warning given to pupil and parent
  • Exclusion – fixed term


Going for Gold’ Behaviour Award

The award is given for children who display outstanding behaviour at all times and who obey the school rule of;


  RESPECT         Others

                          The World

We begin the process again at the start of every academic year, so that children have an opportunity of winning it every year. Children are given support in working towards achieving this special award.

Hermes the golden Messenger Owl visits our school several times a year to award the gold badges and certificates!  Children’s names are recorded in our special GOLDEN BOOK.

Children really enjoy these occasions when a magical candlelit atmosphere is created in the school hall, as Hermes swoops in, led by our Year 6 ‘Owl Guardians’.

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Home School Contract and Code of Conduct
A clear code of conduct sets out the standards of behaviour expected within the school. We provide every parent with a Home School Contract to sign, which acknowledges their partnership with the school.
This contract clearly outlines both parts of the agreement.
Good behaviour is integral to high achievement and attainment, so we ask all parents to continue to work in partnership with us, to encourage their child to achieve our special Gold Award

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