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ARCS Curriculum Pack for Schools

The school has produced ARCS Curriculum Information Packs for schools wishing to find out about the different aspects of our curriculum. These four packs are available for purchase individually or at a discount for the whole set. Please contact the school if you wish to discuss the purchase any of these packs.

Download a copy here

Pack One – Leadership

  • Setting and Achieving a Vision
  • Webs:
    – Strategic Leadership and Management
    – Core Values
    – Core Principles
    – Operational Practice
  • Core Values and Principles
  • Development Strategy including Leadership Benchmarking
  • Leadership Team’s Annual Planning Cycle and Executive Action Plan
  • Subject Leader Handbook


Pack Two – Key Components of ARCS Curriculum

  • Quality Learning and Teaching
  • Ideal Learner chart and booklet
  • Ideal Educator chart
  • Student Exit Profile chart
  • Values for Living chart
  • Student Exit Profile booklet
  • Exemplar programmes illustrating pathways towards the Student Exit Profile
  • Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes/Values  booklet
  • Creative, Contextual Learning lesson plan examples for English, Maths and Science
  • Creative, Contextual Learning medium term lesson plan example for a Foundation subject
  • Creativity in each subject area (chart and booklet)
  • Target Setting
  • Intensive Support programmes


Pack Three – Learner’s and Educator’s Toolkit

  • Thinking Skills booklet
  • Planning Toolkit
  • Pots of Gold
  • Medium Term plans
  • Global Dimension booklet
  • Sustainable Schools chart
  • Summative Provision guidelines
  • Wellbeing
  • Developing Outdoor Learning
  • Enhanced Provision
  • Criteria for Gifted and Talented pupils
  • A Guide to Predicting, Recording and Tracking Pupils


Pack Four – ARCS Curriculum Enrichment

  • Promoting the World of Work through Entrepreneurial Projects
  • Every Child Matters handbook for parents
  • Theme Week and Focus Days
  • Lifelong Learning booklet
  • Parent Handbook
  • House Days