Year 3

Dear Parents and Children,

I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year!
In Year 3 your child will continue to develop their knowledge and skills in a fun and creative way through ARCS Curriculum. Real life skills taught in a real life context.

Our class routine is as follows:


Library books should be brought in on Friday mornings for our library session and the opportunity to exchange books.

Reading Packs

Please ensure your child brings their reading book to school every day.
We aim to hear your child read on a weekly basis through individual or guided reading, however this may not be always possible.
Please support your child by spending 10 minutes every day listening to them read.


P.E. sessions are on Monday and Thursday, however, P.E. kits are to be left in school at all times and taken home when necessary for cleaning. P.E. kit bags are available to purchase from the school office. Please ensure your child is able to dress and undress themselves for P.E. as this will make the process a lot quicker!


Each week the children will receive a set of spellings which should be written out twice in their books and then practised in preparation for a spelling test on Friday.
In addition they will be given Talk Cards to encourage speaking and listening skills.

Homework is given out on a Friday and should be brought back to school on the following Wednesday.


In Geography we will be learning about the seven continents and five oceans. We will be studying the geographical differences between Italy and Norway. This will enable us to answer the key question – Is there a job for a gondolier on the Norwegian Fjords?
In History we will study the Roman Empire and the impact it had on Great Britain. To compliment this, we will be taking a trip to Chester as part of our cultural visit.
In Art and Design we will look at various artists and learn the skills of printing, painting and pottery. Our artist focus will be Henri Rousseau.


Please ensure names are placed in every item of clothing, including shoes and coats.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs McCleary




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