The Edge

Entrepreneurial Edge

My proposal was a whole school push to drive our children towards gaining employment in and around Liverpool, within a growth sector which is changing rapidly.
My objective was to ensure our children have that bit extra when applying for future positions. THAT EDGE!
Our school prides itself on being a forward thinking establishment. An education for all, of the highest standard. We aim to equip our children with an edge. An edge to compete and win in the workplace. An edge to apply and attain employment. An edge to succeed in the North West business sector. An edge in developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

E Entrepreneurial

D Dreams

G Gaining

E Employment


Evelyn’s entrepreneurial edge consists of a mental and physical whole school approach. The Edge is a mindset that we promote, prepping our children for communication, networking and job applications.

Our Edge mandate is this: Let’s be business ready, let’s succeed, let’s have that EDGE!

If you are in business and would like to be part of this exciting initiative, or if you would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr P. Woods

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