Governors & Finance

Governors are involved in all decision making – from very small matters to very important ones.

All decisions directly affect not just the smooth running of the school, but also its development. New initiatives are often discussed and planned for by governors. In this way, the governing body is crucial to Evelyn being the dynamic organisation which it has become.

Being a governor at Evelyn CP School:

  • means making decisions which benefit children, parents and staff


  • is an experience which is enriching, rewarding, fulfilling and educating


  • involves teamwork


For a list of the current governors and their terms of office, please click here


For a list of the current governing body, their roles and attendance, please click here.


Governors have strong links with classes and take an active interest in different areas of the school.
To view a link of the current Governor links, please click here.


The Governors meet bi-monthly – in September, November, January, March and May.

In addition, Governors are asked to be part of Committees, which meet separately throughout the year.

To find out more about the Governor Committees and Working Parties, please click on the links:

Admissions Committee

Premises Committee

Standard and Quality Committee

Resource Committee

Admissions Committee

Health and Safety Working Party

Safeguarding, Behaviour and Attendance Working Party

Marketing Working Party

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