Mrs Carole Arnold

Deputy Headteacher
Miss S. Macleod


Leadership Team       To read the Aims of the Leadership Team, please click here.
Mrs C. Arnold
Miss S. Macleod
Mrs A. Brophy
Mrs L. Leppard


Foundation Stage Team
Mrs C. Hearity – Nursery

Mrs S. Hulme – Ladybirds
Ms F. Knight – Butterflies
Mrs G. Brown – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Waring – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Stockley – Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Verinder – Teaching Assistant
Ms A. McGlashan – Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Doyle – Teaching Assistant


Key Stage One Team
Mr A. Monks – Robins
Mrs A. Brophy – Owls
Mrs D. Murray – Teacher throughout the school
Mrs M. Formby – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. O’Dowd – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. France – Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage Two Team
Mrs S. McCleary – Year 3

Mr P. Woods – Year 4
Mrs J. France – Teaching Assistant
Mr S. Jones – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Leppard – Teacher throughout the School


Upper Key Stage Two Team
Miss S. Macleod – Year 5

Miss K. Welsby – Year 6
Ms M. Duffin – Teaching Assistant/Early Help Ambassador
Mrs L. Talbot – Teaching Assistant
Mrs N. Houghton – Teaching Assistant



Additional Teaching Staff
Mr M. Cahill – Teacher throughout the school

Mrs D. Lavery – Reading Ambassador
Miss L. Fraser – PE Champion/Teaching Assistant

Administration Team
Mrs N. Calderbank

Mrs T. Strettle
Mrs P. Harrison

Site Manager
Mr R. Hollingsworth


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